An Open Letter to the Police Wife

Dear Police Wife,

I know you, I am you.  I know you are hurting, I am hurting.  These last two weeks have shaken us to the very core.  I’ve watched in horror as our brave men and women in law enforcement have been murdered because of the uniform they wear.  I’ve shared in your messages, prayers and calls for peace toward law enforcement.  I’ve cried with those close to me and hugged those who anxiously wait for their beloved husband to come home.  I know, all too well, that sinking feeling as they walk out the door and you begin to count the minutes until their shift is over.


I’ve sat in anger with you as we watched our very own President use a memorial service to push his agenda.  I’ve fought with my own mother over the recent police shootings and the media.  I could talk until I’m blue in the face about escalation and use of force and to no avail.  Why bother.  I’m utterly exhausted and quite frankly, now I’m just mad.  I am mad that our men and women in law enforcement are being put in such danger because of the environment that BLM and other people in authority have created.

After yet another brutal killing of our Peace Officers in Baton Rouge this morning, Sheriff Jeff Wiley of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said it best. “To those who have for several years now “Whipped up” a frenzy of anti-police rhetoric and repeatedly described the law enforcement and general public relationship as “corrosive” and disrespectful… I say this to you… get to know these usually young men and women, look into their eyes and into their hearts before you pre-judge. They are splendid peace keepers, brave in response and humble in their service to others. They are NOT killers, NOT racist, and NOT haters, just simply put they are sons, daughters, wives, mothers, and fathers, who answer to a higher calling, that of being a professional law enforcement officer.  Those that spew this hate of law enforcement and promote this regrettable divisiveness need to stand down and reflect on the environment you have helped create.”


Of course we know this.  We know that our officer has come home devastated because he couldn’t save someone.  It didn’t matter what color their skin was.  We know that our officer has come home mad that the same women was attacked by her ex-husband for the second, third, fourth time, even though he just arrested him.  It didn’t matter what neighborhood she lived in.  We know how our officer has spent our money on putting gas in someone’s car.  It didn’t matter what kind of car they drove.  We’ve seen the joy on our officer’s face when they’ve come home after night shift and they were able to surprise someone with a new light for their bicycle, so they can safely ride to and from work in the dark.  It didn’t matter why they didn’t have a license.  We know that the big bad police officer is actually a softie when it comes to his little girl.  We know that if you want to get on his good side, just crack a joke or quote Kevin Hart.  We know that they are brave, strong and more honorable than anyone will ever understand.  They are mothers and fathers, dear friends and sons and so many other things to us.  We know this.


How do we continue on with our head high and our hearts at peace?  When everything around us wants us to worry every time they walk out the door.  Remember the words of our Heavenly Father in Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”  Press in to that peace.

If there is one piece of encouragement I could give you today, it’s this.


Press On.


Press on toward all that your officer and your family is sacrificing for.  Press on for a better community, better neighborhoods and holding that Thin Blue Line.  Press on for a strong marriage, even if it is scary right now.  Press on as a strong mother, who is brave for her children and cheerful in the face of adversity.  Press on.


Press on in honor.  Your family is honorable.  Your officer is honorable.  You are honorable.

This calling is not for the faint of heart and you dear wife, you are as strong as they get.  Remember to lean on each other during this time.  Pray for one another.  Make plans with one another.  Do a shift meal or a play date together.  Our sheepdogs will be out standing guard, lets be rallying together and working toward having a solid fortress of peace for them to come home to.  Good always wins.







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